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Good design is invisible, it doesn’t get in the way between you and your content. Design is how we use things, how we communicate and connect to the world around us.


My name is Daniel Korpai. I’m a Hungarian design enthusiast and a front-end webdeveloper who currently lives in Netherlands.

Besides that I study at the best Economic University in Hungary, I've completed an online communication course at Kürt Academy and I’ve written hundreds of articles for the biggest Hungarian Apple blog.

I’ve been passionate about design for a few years now, but in order to deliver usable products it was necessary to learn how to code.

Daniel Korpai


Creating digital products require a unique approach. They need a great amount of care and attention. My goal is to carefully design places where people can connect to each other.

Websites & Web Applications design

Web has an inevitable effect on our business. I'll affiliate products and users, design and experiences.

Mobile App Design

After reviewing more than 200 iOS and Android apps, I can take your application to the next level.

Front-End Development

My skills don't stop with design. I can develop your product from visual concepts to fully functional website.

Great design is invisible design. should be easy to use. is minimalistic. provides great experience. is evolving design. puts emphasis on content.

Design Principles

  1. Why should you care about design?

    Human beings can sense how much care was put into the design of an object or an application. Design is how you connect to your customers and it shows how much you appreciate them. They will feel this even if they don’t have a deep knowledge about design, and they will prefer you over your competition.

  2. Minimalism

    Less is more. Especially in case of web design and application design, we should strive for clarity and simple user interfaces. Simplicity is more than just removing options and elements, it’s about bringing order to complexity.

  3. Good design doesn’t happen by accident

    Design should evolve with the expectations of your users. This process sometimes takes a while, and it’s effect cannot be measured immediately, but in the long term, it’s unquestionable.

  4. Not UX vs. UI, UX&UI

    In recent times, software designers split into two camps, UX designers - who are responsible for determining how the product feels, and predicting your behavior in an app or on a website - and UI designers - who are responsible for creating an attractive interface and visualize the logical steps determined by the UX designer. We can’t really split UI and UX design, they intertwined.

  5. Clients and quailty

    I can only work on a few projects at the same time. Focus is very important in order to create great experiences and polished products.

Tools I Use

  • Sketch

    Sketch has changed the process we create our work, and it changed the way we approach the design of digital products. Today it’s the best application for designing user interfaces, and it’s extremely lightweight. We can create prototypes much faster in Sketch, and produce better final results.

  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

    These are the industrial standard design tools for professionals, but because of Sketch, I only use them for very specific tasks. I have years of experience using both Illustrator and Photoshop, and if a client requires it, I can create the entire project with them.

  • Sublime Text, CodeKit, Transmit

    Sublime Text is my go to editor for writing code, I prefer it because of it’s simplicity and wide range of extensions.
    CodeKit made real time coding possible for me. It helps in keeping my project as small as possible, through compressing files. This is critical if we want an extremely fast website as a final product.
    Last but not least, Transmit is the most reliable FTP-client.

  • Wordpress, Ghost, AngularJS, Sass

    Wordpress is the most commonly used web platform, that is capable of powering almost any kind of website.
    Ghost is a fast and easy to use blogging platform, which is currently in beta, but it already has a lot of customers. Contrary to Wordpress, Ghost is only good for creating blog posts.
    AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application, and the resulting environment is quick to develop.
    Sass is a CSS extension language, which allows me to write CSS faster than ever before.

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