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How I became a design enthusiast

You shouldn’t wait for a certificate to create something, just do it, and make adjustments on the go.

I have been interested in design since my early childhood. I remember that before we moved to our new house with my parents, they had been buying every single magazine about interior design for 3 years in a row. As a 9-year-old kid, I was truly amazed by the simplicity of the minimalistic interior design concepts.

At the time, visiting consumer electronics retailers and trying out every available mobile phone and PDA (who can remember those, right?) was one of my favorite free time activity. I thought there is no way I will ever have one of those high-tech devices in my lifetime. But I was so amazed by their UI’s and functionality, that I didn’t care. I wanted to use them and learn about them as much as possible.
Since then I’ve realized that because I grew up in an era, when touch screens started to become popular and broadband internet connections became widespread, I’ve learned a lot of things about user interfaces and how to create a better user experience.

Daniel Korpai Watch Wear
The first watch I’ve ever designed

It’s been 2 years now since I first installed Photoshop on my MacBook, and started to use it on a daily basis. After I felt confident enough with the tools Photoshop provides, I started to dive deeper into to world of vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator. But the introduction of Sketch 3 changed everything, and it brought a breakthrough in my career. Sketch 3 is the perfect tool for me. With it, I can create concepts as fast as I never thought I would be able to. In a matter of minutes, I can turn my thoughts to vector shapes in a sketch file.

The first watch I’ve ever designed
My first watch concept created in Sketch 3

I want to touch my work

A few weeks ago I was in our holiday home with my girlfriend, far away from any cellular networks, or the internet. This is the only time every year, when I have the chance to reflect on my past accomplishments, and failures. In addition, I always try to find some inspiration for my future projects and dreams. There is no question that industrial design, and the design of user interfaces have become my two biggest passions in the past year.

A simple music app designed in Sketch
A simple music app designed in Sketch

But I had to realize that everything that I created so far felt abstract. After finishing a project, I couldn’t touch it or at best I could only interact with it through the screen of my iPhone, iPad or MacBook Air. The reason is that it is only a picture and not a real product.

What was stonework at the age of Leonardo da Vinci, know we call it coding. Without stonework or coding we have only images no matter which age we are living in.

This was the moment that I immediately realized, I will definitely learn how to code. But let’s save that topic for another post. ;)

Why is design so important today?

If you stop for a moment and look around you, where you are reading this article, please ask one question every single time when you look at something: “Why does this thing look like the way it does?”. Everything around us was designed by someone. Of course, there are things, which were designed with much more care, with much more attention. But eventually we inhabit a world designed by others.


If you turn on your computer, your phone or your tablet, what do you see? Who designed the OS on your phone? If you look at your favorite website, have you ever wondered who designed it, and why does it look like the way it does? Could it be any different?

In recent years, we’ve seen the power of advertising slowly declining. With the help of Apple’s resurgence as arguably the leading tech company on the planet, design has become the new way to sell products without seemingly saying anything about them. People feel when a product is well-thought-out and is designed with a huge amount of attention and care. I believe that from a business perspective, there are only a few things that can express our attitude better towards our costumers, than the design of our products or our website.

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